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The Smart Bioscaffolds 
With Natural Efficacy


SVETOSS technology-based products are the next generation bone grafting biomaterials that are clinically proven to be a reliable alternative for cancellous autograft. It is biocompatible, osteoconductive, and acquires osteogenic properties in the host site. SVETOSS products with unique composition and structures provide a dynamic balance between the graft resorption and preservation of volume (3D bioscaffold) for optimal host bone remodeling. Like the trabecular structure of natural bone, the  interconnected macropores are ideal for vascularization, hosting growth factors and bone progenitor cells that differentiate and grow new bone tissue within the defect as it resorbs overtime and leaves behind 100% native new bone.

SVETOSS technology is quickly becoming known as the industries leading name in quality and efficiency with more and more industry-leading professionals using it as their new standard of care. 

SVETOSS' line of Products are Certified for Quality & Reliability

 Manufacturing is done under ISO 13485 certification conditions.

SVETOSS products are all packaged as Terminally Sterilized Medical Devices as per ISO Standards.

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Backed by 3000+ publications 
Supported by more than 600+ clinical studies 
Has over 30 years of safe human and animal use 
S-VETOSS Orthopedic Application

Orthopedic Use

Fracture repairs tend to have a long healing process with potential for additional trauma and issues if left untreated. Use of bone-graft for orthopedic application has become standard of care with many vets: Osteotomy sites, Arthrodesis, to fill defects from cysts, tumors or screw removals, TTA, TPLO, to fill voids from cysts or tumors removals, comminuted fractures, non or delayed unions, or anywhere a bone graft material is needed.

S-VETOSS has become recognized internationally as the leading product for safe, effective, and fast bone regeneration for Orthopedic applications. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to produce a range of granule sizes to best fit the specific needs of the surgeon.

Add assurance, quality, and efficiency to your next orthopedic surgery, view our selection of granule sizes and products today!


Dental Use

Periodontal disease and tooth extractions can leave sizable voids which can result in significant damage, pain and further trauma: alveolar filling, intrabody pockets caused by periodontal disease, tooth extraction sites, palatal defects, endodontic-periodontics lesions, traumatic defects or intraosseous flaws related to pulpal floor or lateral root perforations etc. The AAHA currently recommends use of bone-graft for dental applications as a new standard of care.

S-VETOSS has quickly been adapted as the new standard bone grafting product by many industry-leading veterinary dental surgeons. Our consistent, pure, and fully sterilized materials provide an easy to use and safe option for dental surgeries.

Add a new level of quality and safety to your next dental surgery with S-VETOSS today


Start incorporating the added assurance of safety, efficiency and quality into your orthopedic and dental surgeries with SVETOSS Technology

S-VETOSS Easy to Use


Exceptional Handling & Application Qualities

The hydrophilic bioscaffold of S-VETOSS has a large nano-porosity network that enhances the capillary effect of the bone graft. S-VETOSS easily absorbs the patient’s blood and physiological fluids to form a cohesive mass of bone implant (paste-like), which is easily applied to the implant site. 

The application of S-VETOSS can be explained in  simple & straight-forward steps. Our variety of granule sizes make it easier than ever to provide efficient and effective care. Whether it's for small dental applications or large orthopedic repairs, S-VETOSS is available in a wide range of granule sizes to fit your specific needs.

Ease of Use

View our Products Page to see the full details on the product and how to place your first order in minutes!

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Demonstration Videos

Orthopedic Product Demonstration

S-VETOSS is the perfect option for orthopedic surgeons that want to improve their quality of care.

View our products here, or contact us today to learn more about S-VETOSS.

Watch a product demonstration on the best way of use of S-VETOSS in Orthopedic Applications.

Dental Product Demonstration

S-VETOSS is the perfect option for dental surgeons that want to improve their quality of care.

View our products here, or contact us today to learn more about S-VETOSS.

Watch a product demonstration on the proper way of use of S-VETOSS in Dental Applications.

*S-VETOSS granules could also be used directly in the bone defect without premixing with physiological fluids. 
Principles of Action

Whether it's for Dental or Orthopedic surgeries, SVETOSS' line of products leads the way in quality and efficiency.

 More & more Surgeons are adopting our technology!
View our product specifications and place your first order today!
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