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Unique Geometry & Formulation

Hydroxyapatite Hexagon Crystal
Healthy Border Collie S-VETOSS

S-VETOSS is a next generation, ultra-pure bioceramics that features a unique biphasic CaP formulation with a meticulously engineered geometry and microsurface structure to provide a safe, reliable, and effective bone tissue regeneration device.

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A New Standard in Bone Regeneration Technology

An Ideal Offer For Animal Health Care

S-VETOSS guarantees unparalleled safety and efficacy for bone regeneration, without the risks associated with allografts, or the second surgery with autografts.  Our state-of-the-art facility is certified to meet international standards of quality control in manufacturing and packaging bone graft medical devices: ISO 13485.

S-VETOSS simply affords you the most effective bone substitute solution available on the market.

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Proven Performance

Clinical evidence of robust new bone formation with S-VETOSS implantation on tibia of NZ rabbits after 4 weeks (Left) and 12 weeks (Right). New bone surrounding the implant (NB), active osteoblast (O) and blood vessels (BV) are observed (Top).​

GLP-Compliant Study 

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S-VETOSS Cat & Dog

Superior Results

Peace of Mind

S-VETOSS natural scaffold formulation and morphology provide structural stability while actively promoting and participating in bone regeneration. Upon mixing with physiological fluid in the defect, the graft becomes seamlessly integrated within the mechanism of host bone remodeling much like the autograft Gold Standard. S-VETOSS resorbs away over time leaving behind 100% native bone grown into the defect.

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S-VETOSS is easy to handle and apply, conveniently offered in a variety of granule sizes/volumes to tailor to your needs and affords you the highest quality bone graft. It is easier than ever, with S-VETOSS, to make bone grafting a consistent standard of care and gain a peace of mind for the best health outcome for your patients.

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Natural Bone

S-VETOSS Real Bone

A Reliable Alternative To Autografts

Closest available biomaterial to match osteoconductive bioscaffold of natural bone with interconnected macro, micro and nano-porosity.


Unique biphasic formulation (50% HA and 50% Beta-TCP) promotes an optimal balance between the bio-resorption/remodelling process (supported by Beta-TCP), and the long-term stability of the 3D scaffold (supported by HA) providing a critical balance for the bone regeneration/healing process. 



Bonds with new bone allowing blood vessels to grow and proliferate through the pores, inside the S-VETOSS matrix, facilitating bone growth inside the porous area.

Similar trabecular structure with tailored interconnected macropores that provide an ideal environment for hosting bone progenitor cells and growth factors to differentiate and grow new bone tissue.


Large network of nanopores provide a high capillary effect that allows the bone graft to absorb and retain a maximum volume of physiological fluids, bioactive molecules, blood, and cells that support osteogenesis and improved biological performances.

S-VETOSS Bone Growth