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Terms & Conditions

By signing up for an website membership and purchasing product through the online store you agree to use the purchased product for its intended manufactured use by a veterinarian as a biosynthetic bone grafting material for animal health. All products listed on are prescription medical devices and are intended for use by veterinarians only. Should Biomatcan determine improper use of the materials, use outside the animal health market, and/or use by an individual not recognized as a Veterinarian we reserve the right to cancel your membership and any further transactions. We also reserve the right to request the materials be returned immediately at the cost of the individual to ensure the safety of the materials and the individuals using them.

You acknowledge that the online store is a private store for members only. Sharing images, screenshots, pricing, or any other content from the store or checkout process in a public forum is deemed a breech of privacy and may result in your account being disabled and other potential consequences.

By proceeding with your order through checkout you are agreeing to use this product for its intended use. After your payment is received Biomatcan will start preparing your order at its earliest convenience. A confirmation email will be sent to the customer upon receiving the order that will outline a confirmation of receiving the order and next steps should there be any.

Returns & Refunds
Biomatcan is not responsible for the mis-use or neglect of using the product properly. Biomatcan is not obligated to provide a refund or return in the case of neglect or obvious mis-use. Biomatcan provides detailed documents throughout the website to ensure proper use along with follow-ups and direct communication with its customers.

Biomatcan is not obligated to provide a refund or return in the case of customer error during checkout. This can include but not be limited to: ordering the wrong quantity, ordering the wrong size, ordering to an old address, etc.

Your Account
When signing up for an account with you are volunteering your personal and/or professional contact info to create a safer and more catered store checkout. We do not share any info provided with any third parties and do not store credit card info in our systems.

All of the info collected on our site (except billing info) are stored to create a more secure and catered shopping experience. This info is also stored for sales tracking and marketing info to help us provide better and more effective service in the future. Info such as your name and personal contact info is not shared with any third party companies for their own benefit/gain.

Please view our privacy policy for full privacy info.

Biomatcan reserves the right to approve, block, and ban any user it sees as not being a reliable fit for its products. This can include a user who has an existing account but has shown unethical behaviour, misuse of product, etc.

We thrive to provide a quality product to help improve the quality of care offered by all veterinarians. It is the right of Biomatcan to remove any users attempting to abuse or disrupt the quality of customer service we offer. This can include fake accounts and false reviews.


Biomatcan offers free shipping over any order over $500  before taxes. (ie. $500.00  + applicable taxes). Orders under this quantity are subject to applicable shipping charges. Although Biomatcan will take all steps to have a package delivered safe and on time, we do not take responsibility for any damage or delays in delivery due to neglect of the shipping party. (for Canada & US Only)


We charge applicable taxes based on the laws and regulations of the territory the product is being purchased from. Taxes are charged on the total product price and total shipping price.

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