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*Bone Regenerating Biomaterial
*Universal Moldable Putty
*Ready & Easy to Use 

 Versatile – Moldable - Stable Putty – Fully Resorbing -  Ergonomic Packaging-
Excellent Bio-Performance - Universal  Adaptation -  Ready & Easy to Use!

The Very First veterinary CaP Bioceramics Moldable Putty Bone Graft  for Animal Health in North America

SVETOSS+ is a game-changer in the field of bone regeneration, providing a ready-to-use and easy-to-use option that is both high-performing and affordable. SVETOSS+  does not require preparation and mixing, our moldable putty is ready to use straight out of the package. This eliminates the need for additional tools and equipment, making it an easy and convenient option for veterinarians. Our product is an excellent substitute to the gold standard, providing a high-performance solution that is also cost-effective.


State-of-the-art technology and an innovative composition help make SVETOSS'  Bone regenerating biomaterials, the number one choices for many of the industries leading veterinarians. 

SVETOSS technologies  is sparing patients the trauma of autograft harvesting and provides a safe alternative to cadaver bone which completely eliminates the potential for immunological reactions, disease transmission and inconsistent and unpredictable results. 

Premium Universal Orthopedic, Oral & Maxillofacial Bone Grafting Materials.

Vet Examining Dog

SVETOSS+ bone-like Bioactive Biocomposite is the latest innovation in Biomatcan’s bone-like regeneration product line exclusively for veterinarians. It is the very first CaP Bioceramics BG putty for veterinary surgeons in North America. SVETOSS+ is the result of close collaboration between Biomatcan’s scientists and surgeons. Developed with proprietary SVETOSS core technology. SVETOSS+ has widen the applications domains in orthopedic, oral and maxillofacial surgeries. SVETOSS+ could be adapted to any bone surgical site that requires bone grafting either in Orthopedic or Dental surgeries.


Optimal Solution

Unlike other synthetic bone grafts, SVETOSS+ moldable putty has been specifically engineered with a controlled resorption rate to provide an optimal bone formation response.

SVETOSS + Putty is a highly moldable, easy-to-apply bone grafting solution for Dental & Orthopaedic surgeries.

SVETOSS + provides the ideal environment for new, healthy, and strong bone growth!


SVETOSS+ is available in 3 different SKUs:

  0.5cc, 1cc and 2cc





SVETOSS + is a polyphasic biomaterial, composed of a unlike and osteoconductive balanced Bioceramics formulation embedded in a biocompatible and bioresorbable pharmaceutical gel that promote bone healing,  increase the overall cohesiveness, injectability, the easy handling, improve the malleability and stability of the bone graft implant in the surgical site.

SVETOSS + moldable Putty combines all the advantages of S-VETOSS with a resorbable synthetic binder to create an ready-easy -to-use  paste that requires no mixing or preparation. SVETOSS +  supports the ingrowth and fusion of adjacent viable bone when placed in an osseous environment.

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Natural Efficacy

When implanted, the highly hydrophilic and osteoconductive bioceramics bone-like granules absorb physiological fluids and host biological elements and cells that will orchestrate the osteogenesis process. SVETOSS+ is designed to operate through a cascade of bioresorption stages.


The first one occurs very early on.  The bioorganic matrix resorbs away after ensuring the cohesiveness of the graft upon application and results in a GBR membrane-like containment effect.  This stage is followed by an increase in the overall porosity as the matrix leaves behind only bioactive granules with a uniform, intrinsic and osteoconductive and osteoinductive* structure. This stage permits rapid and deep penetration of blood, growth factors, cells, and other biological elements necessary for the promotion and support of osteogenesis.

In parallel, at relatively moderate rate the β-TCP bioceramics, (more resorbable than Hydroxyapatite: HA), resorption occurs during the next few months supplying in-situ calcium and phosphate ions necessary for the new bone to grow. HA the least resorbable phase will continue to host the new growing bone tissue, thus providing long term biological and mechanical support to the bone defect and insuring a well healing condition. Later-on when the implant will have completely resorbed, SVETOSS+ would have been fully replaced with natural vascularized and healthy patient’s native bone.

SVETOSS+ is histologically equivalence to autograft 

SVETOSS+ could be packed with the autograft,  and other autogenous growth factors

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Advanced Features


SVETOSS+ a multipurpose moldable putty is provided ready to use (RTU) in a sterile jar for single patient usage, No surgery preplanning, no mixing or preparation are required. It comes with ergonomic spatula for direct application. SVETOSS+, could be easily molded to match any size or shape bone defect morphology to precisely fill bone voids or augmentation sites. It doesn’t need membrane for stabilization, which leads to decreased surgery time and cost reduction as well. It also improves current treatments and widens the clinical procedures domain.

SVETOSS+ enhances bone regeneration, is safe, has excellent biocompatibility and is radiopaque. So it is to easy follow after surgery.  

Upgrade your bone regeneration procedures with the superior technology of SVETOSS+.

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SVETOSS+ Presentation

Reliable Alternative


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